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Challenge # 2: Ghunaecha Flash Fiction

January 18, 2012

This challenge was to write a flash fiction piece about Ghunaecha. Ghunaecha is a vegetarian monster; enough said!

Story #1:

Ghunaecha was a sad monster. None of the other monster kids would play with him. They said he smelled like roses and his claws couldn’t even slit a person open. It was constant harassment during recess at the academy, but Ghunaecha enjoyed his lessons. The teachers were nice to him; even let him eat his lunch in the classroom instead of the cafeteria with the others. Ghunaecha didn’t know this, but his parents had talked to the teachers who had been nice, but secretly laughed behind their backs. The notion that Ghunaecha was a special needs monster was hilarious to them, but they were obliged to keep the family secret. It’s hard to understand different, especially when different is a vegetarian monster.

Story #2:

“Hi, I’m Ghunaecha. Can you tell me…”

That’s as far as I got before he started running. I was just wondering if there was a nice village around. I was hungry, had traveled far, and was looking for my grandad. He sent word that he had a horrible case of food poisoning and wanted someone to look after him for a bit. Being the youngest, I was sent.

I kept walking. A little girl came upon the path unexpectedly.

“Hi, I’m Ghunaecha. Can you tell me…”

All I heard was screaming as she sped away. I guess I am pretty big and strong (worthless compared to my brothers) and she was really little, but her screaming scared me. Why do they have to scream so loud? I didn’t even threaten her with my claws. They can be pretty intimidating, even though everyone knows they’re utilitarian to reach those flat back teeth.

I trudged to the top of a small pass and surveyed the fields, pastures, and villages below. Yep, this was my granddad’s place; lots of food.

I settled into his cave and went out to find some dinner for us. I dragged it back to the cave and coaxed my grandad to come and eat. He glared at me and in his silent fury, threw everything edible out the mouth of the cave.

He shook his fist as a small plane misted the crops below. I knew then that this wasn’t just a case of food poisoning. Being vegetarian does have it’s downsides when the neighborhood isn’t organic.

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