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Week #22: Creative Writing Project – Secrets and Lies

June 9, 2021

Start your story with someone admitting a secret and end it with some telling a lie.

I told her I buried the body. I didn’t really want to, but the way she looked at me made me want to tell her everything. I guess that’s how sisters can be sometimes. But this secret would mean she could never look at me the same way again. I hoped that tonight would be the last night I would have to care. She asked me to show her where, so I did. It was a new moon and the stars were bright against a black sky. Under the huge oak tree at the very back corner of the graveyard was a patch of newly dug dirt. I still had that dirt under my fingernails, but I didn’t care. The old devil deserved it and now he was in his rightful place. She stood stock still and gazed at the grave. I knew she wasn’t going to cry. She hated the old man just as much as I did, and wanted what he had even more. After a few moments of silence, she asked me if I’d found any documents on his person before doing the deed. Playing dumb, I asked what documents she might be referring to. She was vague with her answers. I lied and told her I hadn’t found anything. She nodded in contemplation and we walked back across the graveyard to our cars. We waved. As I sped towards my future I thanked that bag of bones for always keeping his stock certificates close to his heart. Those papers were going to fund my new life and let me escape my shit of a family who were always so full of secrets and lies.

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