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Week #34: Creative Writing Challenge – Migrations

September 13, 2021

Write a story from the perspective of a bird migrating for the winter.

This never-ending flight toward warmth.
A constant feeling in my core like a pull.
Add the sun,
Like a guiding hand until the light fades.

Then confusion.
Lights that don't make sense
Take us close to cities and people.

Buildings and windows and cats lunge
From spectacled darkness.

We speed away
Toward green valleys and wetlands and meadows.
Toward food.
Toward warmth.
Toward family.

  • Here is a cool article on how birds navigate during migration.
  • And here is a bit more information about “Lights Out” program by the Audubon Society to help nocturnally migrating bird species. Most big cities have “Lights Out” programs and local initiatives to help as well.
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