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E.M.’s Sunday Ramble Prompt 1/9/22

January 11, 2022

In my efforts to become a better reader and writer, I’ve been getting back into reading and exploring other people’s blogs. I discovered E.M.’s Sunday Ramble, which seems like fun. It’s five questions about a topic and then people can ramble about the answers. This week’s topic is about “books”, so obviously I was intrigued enough to want to participate!

Here goes…

  • Do you prefer digital, paperback, or hard bound books? I have a place for all three of these in my reading habits. I prefer digital when I’m traveling (less stuff to carry), and when I want to read all night (so I can turn out the lights and still read easily). I love a good paperback for books that I’ve read before and will want to read again. Most of the books that have permanent places on my bookshelves at home are paperbacks. Paperbacks also make good beach and camping companions. Hard bound books are like gifts, and for me they mostly come from the library. I like the heft of the cover and I like that a well-loved library copy will generally stay open to a page if you put it down. It makes each trip to the library a special treat. For convenience I choose digital, for love I choose hard bound.
  • Do you have a library full of books or just your favorite tales? I used to have a library full of books, but moving out of the country slashed that library to pieces. The thought of boxing up all those books and hauling them all over the place was overwhelming and I’d only had a chance to read half of them. There was a lot of potential in my library full of books, but as I get older I’ve found that books can be much more than potential reading material. They can help me through bad days, stave off languishing, and make me happy just looking at them. Currently I have a growing collection of favorites. I pull out favorites that suit my mood or need. I know my favorite chapters and I don’t feel guilty skipping happily through single story-lines within a book.
  • Harry Potter, Narnia, or Twilight? I’m a Harry Potter fan for sure. I’ve read all the books and seen all the movies multiple times. I love the expansive world that Rowling created with the series and the character development is fun to follow through the books. When I learned about C.S. Lewis, my love of The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe waned. I’ve read all seven novels, but all I can see now are allusions and analogies to religion. I haven’t read Twilight, but I hope the books are better than the movies when I eventually get around to reading them.
  • Do you like when books are turned into movies? Why or why not? Nope. In my opinion there is no way a 2 hour movie can contain the detail, character development, and backstory to do any book justice. Movies based on books never fill me up, they always leave me feeling just a bit empty. Although I should admit that it’s intriguing to compare the vision in my head with Hollywood’s interpretation.
  • What is a book that you have read over and over again? I’m a huge fan of YA fantasy and sci fi and I love the characters in Sarah J. Maas’ books. They have a special spot on my bookshelf and I turn to them when I need to step out of my life for a bit.

That was fun! Can’t wait until next week.

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