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E.M.’s Sunday Ramble Prompt 1/16/22

January 18, 2022

“Zombies, Aliens, and Apocalypse…Oh My!“.

Here are the questions and my answers:

  • Choose one person from history you would want on your team in a zombie apocalypse. Why would you choose them? I would choose some kind of survivalist, but I don’t have a specific person in mind. My plan, in the even of a zombie apocalypse, would be to vanish into the woods away from urban centers. This is under the assumption that zombies would be attracted to high densities of human flesh, and therefore staying away from cities would be prudent. I would need someone to help me learn how to survive in the woods – find food and water, shelter, fire – all that jazz.
  • What is your weapon of choice in that zombie apocalypse? I think I would go for a bow and arrow and a machete. I wouldn’t want a gun because there’s the very real possibility of running out of bullets. Arrows could always be plucked from a “dead” zombie to be used again, or they could be constructed from materials readily available in my new forest home. Of course I would need a backup weapon until I became an expert marksman with my bow and arrow. A machete is already made for hacking and is long enough so that a zombie wouldn’t be able to get close enough to bite me or eat my brains, or whatever flavor this zombie apocalypse would take.
  • If Mars was to enter the Earth’s atmosphere safely, and it became able to sustain life, would you choose to live on Earth or to check out Mars? Hmmm… suspending scientific reality… of course I would check out Mars.
  • What do you think they keep at Area 51? Alien tech obviously… probably some nukes… and of course archaeological discoveries or national treasures (from other countries) they don’t want anyone to know about.
  • Do you have a favorite show about space or aliens that you enjoy watching? I’m a huge huge fan of Serenity, Stargate SG-1, and Star Trek: The Next Generation. This trio is a great combination of space and aliens that has fun characters and good plot lines!
  • Bonus Question: Do you like to watch zombie movies or television shows? I think I’d rather a zombie movie than a zombie show, although I’m not really a fan of either. World War Z as a movie was decent but the book was a thousand times better. I Am Legend was also a decent movie although I haven’t read the book yet, so it might fall short with new information.
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