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E.M.’s Sunday Ramble Prompt 2/13/22

February 15, 2022

Here are the questions:

  • When did you first discover your love of writing? I guess when I was little. My mom bought me a diary when I was 5 or 6 and I dictated what I wanted her to write in it for me. When I got into school my teachers encouraged us to just get words on paper (hence my horrible spelling). I kept a journal all throughout high school and finagled my schedule to design a creative writing independent study course where I could pour all my teenage angst into something productive. Writing has always felt like a release for me even though it hasn’t been my primary focus until now.
  • Would you say that you found your imagination at a young age or when you became older? If you want to, share something you discovered with your imagination. (Be sure to copyright your post 🙂 ) I guess I’d have to say that I re-discovered my imagination recently. As a kid I was full of it (or at least feel like I was) and then it just got put on pause while my brain traipsed through the realms of scientific research which is what I’m actually trained to do. Only recently have I been exercising my imagination properly again.
  • What is your favorite genre to write about? (Example: Sci-Fi, Fantasy, True Crime, etc.) I really enjoy writing Young Adult fiction with a little bit of romance thrown in. Sometimes this manifests in a fantastical story or a science fiction realm. I really like YA because it’s currently occupied by wonderful and strong female writers who create lovely and complex female characters who set about discovering the world while discovering themselves. I love contributing in my own small way.
  • Do you ever get “writer’s block”? If so, do you have a reason of why it happens? Doesn’t everyone? Usually I get it because I’m unhappy with where a story is going and can’t write my way out of it in a satisfactory way. After I stare at the page or my computer screen for a while, I give up and come back to it later. A lot of the time a little space solves the problem.
  • Can you tell me something that I do not know that you do not mind sharing about your style of writing? As I write scenes, I imagine them in my mind… I mean in enough detail that if I were a better artist I could sketch or paint all the little details. The hard part comes in deciding which details are important to share. I don’t want all of my writing to just be description!
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