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March Writing Challenge – Red Glitter Devil: Vignette 2

March 20, 2022

This month’s prompt is “He was sure the Devil created red sparkly glitter”. I had some inspiration and have created a series of vignettes related to the prompt. You can find the first in this post. Keep scrolling to find the second. Enjoy!

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I held the note in my hand while Sammie twirled around the living room whooping, red sparkly glitter raining onto our heads. It took a while for the glitter to settle in the carpet, on the plant tucked in the corner, and on the couch. When everything was still again, Sammie flung herself on the floor and spread her arms wide, trying to make glitter angels. 

Seeing Sammie happy, I knew my frustration at the glitter bomb wouldn’t last long. Besides, I was still finding red glitter all over the house from her Devil costume last week. What was a little more? A lot more?

“What does the note say Daddy? Who’s it from?” Sammie called from the floor.

I read it quickly in my head before reading it out loud. “I think you and Sammie left your entire collection of red glitter at my house, so I figured your stores needed to be replenished. Good luck with the Devil!”

“Why are you smiling Daddy? Who’s it from?” Sammie crawled onto the arm of the couch and leaned over my shoulder to see the note.

“Where were we last week with red glitter and a Devil?” I prompted her.

“Vanessa’s house,” she squealed and melted down into the couch cushions. “Did Vanessa and her mommy send that to us? That was really nice of them. We did use up all the red glitter with my costume. How do we say thank you?”

I couldn’t help laughing. I also couldn’t bring myself to explain to her that sending a glitter bomb to someone wasn’t a helpful thing, although it wasn’t necessarily a bad thing either I guessed. The note made it sound more like a peace offering.

“Why don’t we write a thank you card. You can use the red glitter pen I got you for your birthday?” I said.

Sammie slithered off the couch and skipped over to her craft table across the room. I heaved myself up while she searched in the drawers for paper. Ready to clean up, I found the vacuum cleaner in a corner, still full of red glitter from last week.

“Daddy, what should I say?” Sammie asked.

“Well, thank you notes should always be heartfelt and should always mention what you’re thanking them for if it was a gift. Why don’t you try on a scratch piece of paper while I’m vacuuming and then we can look at it together,” I answered.

I moved toward the largest piles of glitter debris with the vacuum, but before I could suck them up, the red sparkles started to rise and scatter and I felt a light breeze through my hair. I turned the vacuum off, but the glitter continued to swirl into the air. I heard the faint whomp whomp of the off-balance ceiling fan. I looked up, and then straight to the switch where my lovely Devil of a daughter was grinning ear to ear, her hand still on the knob controlling the fan speed.

“Don’t you even think about it you beautiful mischievous little Devil,” I warned her in a stern voice that was likely dismissed immediately because I couldn’t help but grin.

Sammie’s fingers tensed and I lunged across the room. She spun the knob to full power and skittered away from me as a hurricane of red sparkly glitter intensified in our living room. Sammie laughed and shrieked her way around the couch with me chasing her. When I slipped on a pile of glitter she managed to turn on the radio before I regained my balance.

Our game of chase devolved into a dance party swirling through clouds of red sparkly glitter. There was no way I was ever going to win against this Devil. She had me wrapped around her little finger and right then, surrounded by glitter, dancing my heart out, it was exactly where I wanted to be.

***Have you ever received a glitter bomb? Or sent one? Glitter is super bad for the environment, but I did some research and there are actually places out there that can send glitter bombs with biodegradable glitter. Essential for the environmentally friendly prankster!


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