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Week #8 (2023): Extra Bit of Love

February 26, 2023

I walked through the market timidly, unsure of what I was looking for, but somehow feeling sure I would find it here. A flash of light flickered to my right and I turned toward the stall that I’d just passed, but it was gone. In its place…

Image Credit: Johannes Plenio via
I don't know why I go, but it's how they all arrive.
A burst of light to my side, making the world come alive.

The market's busy, so no one sees.
I'm a woman lost, but with the light I freeze.

Sometimes it's a dog or a rabbit, and even once a flower.
Today the light decides to leave a child, safe in a bower.

It stares up at me, it's expression wide and scared.
I quietly approach, ask it how it's fared.

The child answers softly, they are cold but fine.
I wrap a coat around their shoulders, praying they'll be mine.

For all the things that appear for me, they never stay for long.
They vanish one by one, not in light, but song.

While they remain, I know my heart is warm.
I give them all I can, showing them my norm.

I care for them, make them strong.
When they leave, I have to force myself along.

It breaks my heart each time they come, leaving stronger than before.
I care for them and wish them well, I never ask for more.

I don't know why they come, all innocent and true. 
But without that extra bit of love, we'd never make it through.

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